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Colors & Patterns

Fiberglass shelters of different shapes, sizes and colors

While functionality and safety are our top concerns, Shelter Works still wants their structures to look great for a long time. All buildings have a faux brick texture and can be colored any way you’d like. Whatever you need—just let them know!

fiberglass enclosure being moved to a different sitecustom fiberglass enclosure onsite protecting equipment
  • Color Options
    • 4 standard colors–Polar White, Dessert Sand, Meadow Green, and Storm Grey
    • Custom pigments available
  • Faux brick texture
  • Smooth white interiors allow for maximum brightness
  • Finishing work hides joints and connective hardware
    • Shelter Works finishes the buildings to hide and protect hardware from the harsh elements
  • Shelter Works uses a high quality coating that yields a quality finish, with good chemical/water resistance, gloss retention, weatherability, and resiliency.
  • Formulated to meet the rigid requirements of transportation, boating, and sanitary applications