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Q) What is the standard lead time for shelter delivery?
A) Approximately 8 weeks after customer approves Submittal Package depending on our current work-in-progress. Add 2 weeks for P.E. Certification.

Q) Is a floor included with my shelter?
A) Most customers prefer to provide their own floor such as a concrete slab. We can provide a wide variety of custom designed floors for the application including metal or FRP fiberglass (optionally with slip-resistant surface or industrial grade Vinyl Composite tile). In addition we can provide a variety of support frames, with or without insulation, such as C channel, Rectangular Tubing, or wood encapsulated in FRP.

Q) Does the location of the door(s) affect the price?
A) No

Q) Does the location of the equipment affect the price?
A) Generally not

Q) What are the most cost-effective dimensions?
A) The exterior width (narrow dimension) is even feet (i.e. 4’, 6’, 8’, 10’, 12’, 14’, 15’-10”)

Q) How can you access a shelter interior?
A) There are several access methods to our shelters, including Doors, access panels (hinged or removable), roll-up doors, roof hatchs, removable roofs, removable buildings

Q) How can I cut a hole in a shelter?
A) Please see attached document on Cutting Holes in Walls

Q) How do I install a shelter?
A) Please see attached Installation Instructions