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Our People

  • Tracy Switzer, Owner

Tracy grew up wrapped in fiberglass…okay, not literally, but he has been around fiberglass his whole life. He learned all about fiberglass from working with his father’s fiberglass boat business, and started Shelter Works in 1995. He loves to develop creative solutions for his clients and can often be found tinkering in the plant with the rest of the team

  • John Miller, Director of Sales & Operations

John has been with Shelter Works since 2006, first as a consultant for 1 ½ years, then serving as Operations Manager since October 2008. Prior to joining Shelter Works, John spent seven years consulting and working with various manufacturing companies in several industries and eighteen years in commercial banking. John is now travelling and reaching out to our customers and sales reps in his sales capacity.

  • Kathie Haferkamp, Controller

Kathie is our resident CPA who graduated from the University of Missouri, St. Louis. She spent time in public accounting and in the savings & loan industry before getting involved with Shelter Works 12 years ago. Kathie handles all accounting, finance and HR administration for the company.

  • Steve Switzer, Business Development Manager

After over 20 very successful years running the sales effort for a steel building manufacturer, Steve finally saw the light, and the value that Shelter Works offers. His extensive experience in providing equipment protection solutions, primarily to the Telecommunications and Transportations industries, gives Shelter Works the ability to expand our production offerings. While Steve spent the better part of the past two decades in the world of steel buildings, he also grew up in and around fiberglass. This background, combined with his technical expertise and understanding of what telecommunications and transportation companies need, enhances Shelter Works’ reputation for providing the right solution, engineered to our clients’ requirements, at the highest levels of customer service, quality and responsiveness in the market.

  • Dana Woodall, Sales Engineer

Dana graduated from West Point with a Mechanical Engineering degree. He also served his country as an Airborne Ranger and as an officer in the Corp of Engineers. He’s an Eagle Scout and a Boy Scout Troop Leader who likes to run and bike. As a main client contact for Shelter Works, Dana applies the Golden Rule in all his client interactions.

  • Dania Imler, Project Manager

Dania, a native Southern Californian, joined Shelter Works in the beginning of 2013.  With over 8 years of experience working for a large engineering and construction company, she has extensive knowledge of project management.  She brings a depth of skill and understanding that supports her efforts to provide the best experience possible to our clients.  Dania becomes the point of contact for our clients once the decision has been made to purchase a shelter Built for Life by Shelter Works.  Her diligence and eye for detail will ensure that your project is engineered to your exact needs, and will meet all the requirements of your individual job.

  • Jennifer Ray, Sales & Marketing Coordinator

Jennifer is an entrepreneur and a graduate of University of Missouri St Louis. Her degree in Communications allows her to masterfully develop all our marketing materials. If you have a marketing question, give her a call (and sign up for our newsletter, too)!

  • Ashley Lukomski,  Purchasing Manager

Ashley has expertise in purchasing, cost accounting and profitability analysis, and will be working on our continuous process improvement efforts. She graduated from Kaskaskia College in Illinois with a degree in accounting and makes sure that componentry, raw materials and any other aspect of our purchasing meets our clients’ expectations of excellence in both quality and delivery time.

  • Scot Lauth, Logistics Coordinator

Scot handles all the logistics of building delivery—coordinating shipments for installation. When you get a call from Scot, it usually means your building is getting ready to ship.

  • Anna Hodge,  Project Manager

Anna is  in charge of client service for the oil & gas and telecom market verticals, ensuring submittal drawings are correct, acting as information liaison and upholding Shelter Works high customer service standards. She also manages our state licensing program.  She has an engineering degree from the University of Missouri Columbia and is involved with St. Louis’ Gateway Chapter of Engineers Without Borders.